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Property Investor Opportunities in Rochdale

Why Invest?

We  Rochdale, it’s where our roots are…

Property investments have enabled many people to increase their net worth and allowed them to achieve their financial goals a lot faster than they had ever imagined. Most money makers and Property Investors, believe it or not, started with little or no money at all! So it goes to show that making money is not just a dream, but a reality which is available to almost everyone.

The fact is that investing in property is one of the most powerful ways to build and preserve wealth. It does not matter who you are, where you live or where you come from, the main difference between this and other investment opportunities, is that it really works. Over time, property will always increase in value, and if you buy wisely you always make your money on the purchase, not on the sale. So it goes to show, that making money is not just a dream, if you seek the correct advice and education from professionals, making money can become a reality, which is available to everyone.

Why is property such a good choice for many Investors?

Property Investment has certainly caught people's imagination over the last few decades creating thousands of wealthy individuals. Many Investors have built substantial property portfolios; using one property to finance the next and have not only benefitted from large increases in property prices, but also a monthly income from each property let. This has allowed some to buy holiday homes abroad or to contribute to a pension.

You only have to look at the historical trend in house prices to see that on average they have doubled every 10 years. Considering this point, imagine how much money could be made on a small portfolio of just 2 or 3 houses, especially considering that the house will be let and it will not only cover the financial payments, but also provide you with an on-going monthly passive income. Where would you be now if you had invested in property 10 years ago?

The shortage in homes which we face is because of a number of factors including Migration into the UK is significant in affecting demand along with an increased prevalence of people living alone, creating a smaller average household size.

The rate of house building in the UK is not keeping pace with demand. In 2005, 193,000 new houses were built. Although this is the highest for 15 years, it is still only 3/4 of the number that the government's independent report estimated would be required each year to bring house price inflation down to 1%. The current shortfall is around 120,000 new homes per annum according to the 2003 Barker Report; by 2021 the Halifax Building Society predicts that the shortfall will reach 400,000 per annum. In simple terms the demand for property is far outweighing supply, keeping prices high. All positive evidence for future investment in property.

Can a Property Investment be the wrong choice?

Impossible and history proves that! However, if handled badly by the Investor without the correct advice and planning, it can! Too many inexperienced Investors do not factor in mortgage rate increases, true rental values and often leverage their investment too much and too often, in order to buy more property. You make your money on a property when you buy, not when you sell!

Why is now the best opportunity to become a successful Investor?

In recent years with the global unrest in the economy, bad news in the media and banks being more reluctant to give finance, it has been seen as a good time to invest. We adapt to the economic markets, the local property markets and the strategies which work at any given time. At the present time the demand for affordable rental accommodation has never been so high and rental prices continue to increase. The main change in 2014 has been the number of buyers. This has almost doubled in certain areas, while the number of houses coming to the market is similar to 2013. This means you have to ensure you are working with the right strategies and looking for the right properties. It is crucial to get this right as prices are starting to rise, mortgage lending is becoming easier and interest rates are still low. There has never been a better time to find the correct investments and we can help you do this.

What can we do for you...

By joining our community you will have access to our professional advisors at Cowell Norford who can do the following for you;

    Advise you on the right areas to invest
    Source the right properties
    Project Manage the operation
    Assist with the right Financial Advice including funding and tax planning
    Refurbish the property — Make it Ready
    Carry out Gas and all safety checks
    Furnish the property
    Find suitable Tenants
    Access to our dedicated Property Management team
    24 hour Maintenance service once tenants are moved in


Are you an experienced Investor who is spending more and more time managing your own portfolio and getting dragged into situations regarding tenants or deposit releases? Are you finding it difficult to keep up-to-date with legislation or indeed find you're leveraging too much of your own time without having the freedom of your portfolio advised to you?

Maybe you're a Landlord that is utilising another agents services but do not feel that you are receiving a specialist investment portfolio Landlord service?

If you've answered yes to any of these points then we can help! With our wide range of services, knowledge, experience and having our power team at our disposal, we have helped 100's of Landlords and Investors in similar situations and could help you too.

Contact us today to discuss how we believe Prospect Investors Club can help. We can not only manage your portfolio but will also conduct regular update meetings, to discuss your current Investment(s) and your continued investment in property, helping you repeat the processes which make you so successful.

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